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Evil Dead: The Game announces Army of Darkness update, available today

You can expect a new map, weapons, cosmetics, and a completely new mode.

Evil Dead: The Game has been around for a short while now, and has seemingly been a real treat for fans of the iconic horror franchise from Sam Raimi.

Well, there's more good news for those enjoying the game, as Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games, in collaboration with Metro Goldwyn Mayer, have released the Army of Darkness update.

The major content update introduces a new map to Evil Dead: The Game that's directly taken from Army of Darkness, Castle Kandar.

The map features Castle Kandar in great detail, with the Arthurian Outpost and Castle Kandar Keep intact. Joining the map will be two brand new weapons, some new premium cosmetics, and a single-player exploration mode.

The new weapons on offer are a mace for some close range hacking and slashing, and an explosive crossbow. This crossbow functions exactly as you'd think - a long range attack that is a literal blast.

Finally, in the brand new single-player exploration mode, players can go about experiencing the maps at their own pace, exploring every nook and cranny that they don't get time to appreciate during live matches. Considering how huge Evil Dead: The Game's detailed maps are, this will act as a pretty good means of learning your way around a map before playing on it.

As for new premium cosmetics, which come at a small price, you can expect the following outfits to be up for grabs:

  • Ash Williams S-Mart Employee Outfit
  • Ash Williams Gallant Knight Outfit

There's also a medieval bundle available that feels rather fitting with the Army of Darkness update on the whole! The bundle includes:

  • Henry The Red’s Scottish Vibe Outfit
  • Lord Arthur’s Battle Prep Outfit
  • Gilded Attire costume pack for the Necromancer Demon army, which includes Evil Ash
  • Screamer jump scare image for the Necromancer Demon

This bundle is also including in Evil Dead: The Game's Season Pass 1, so if you've got your hands on that already, you won't need to spend a penny to get Henry the Red glammed up.

The Army of Darkness update will be free to all those who own the game, and is available on all of the games' platforms.

Have you been playing Evil Dead: The Game? Or will this update be encouraging you to pick it up? If so, don't forget to take a look at our guides on each survivor and how to unlock new ones, as well as some tips for playing as one of the many Demons.

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