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Evil Dead: The Game - DLC Roadmap, upcoming season pass and new map

So far, there's four DLC on the way to Evil Dead: The Game.

Evil Dead: The Game is a 1v4 asymmetrical horror that takes inspirationg from Sam Raimi's series of Evil Dead films. Packed to the brim with groovy gore and classic Evil Dead humour, the title has shaped up to be one of the better multiplayer games of recent years. Although, it still has a lot to work on, as we spoke about in our Evil Dead: The Game review.

As for the future of the game, what can players expect from Evil Dead's DLC roadmap. We know the details of a few things that are on the way right now, but we suspect there'll be more details (and DLC, for that matter) to come in future. We'll keep this space updated with what to prepare yourself for!

As you wait for the Season Pass to drop, don't forget to take a peek at our guide to the survivors and demons of Evil Dead: The Game to find who's best for you. I personally think Amanda Fisher is pretty great, but you'll have to complete the gruelling third solo-mission to unlock her.

Evil Dead: The Game DLC - What to expect, so far

Unfortunately, there isn't a whole load of detail about the upcoming DLC for Evil Dead: The Game, but Saber Interactive have confirmed that we can expect four DLC as a part of the Season Pass 1 bundle. The Season Pass 1 bundle is available to players who pre-ordered deluxe, collectors, or ultimate editions of the game.

Although, the first piece of brand new content will be free to every owner of the game. This will be a new map heavily based on Castle Kandar from Army of Darkness. As for the DLC packs and Season Pass 1, there are sadly no details as to what they'll contain. All we know right now is that the team are working on "multiple groovy updates" for players.

Evil Dead: The Game DLC - Theories

Needless to say, there are a few theories making their way around the internet as to what DLC for Evil Dead: The Game could include.

First things first, we know full well that more solo-missions will make their way to the game. Right now, there are five missions as a part of the solo campaign that'll see you reenacting moments from the series'. Once they're done, a sixth mission is titled 'Coming soon...' so we can likely expect to see more of these difficult missions.

Furthermore, each mission (excluding one) unlocked a new character. So, if further missions are coming to Evil Dead: The Game, then does this insinuate that we could see more characters to unlock? There's plenty of characters from Sam Raimi's series that are missing from the game that could be introduced, such as Mia Allen, or Brandy Barr-Williams. Alternatively, I'd imagine the missions would provide cosmetics of sorts.

Additionally, Evil Dead Rise is expected to release later this year. While Sam Raimi won't be directing this one, he is serving as an executive producer alongside Bruce Campbell, with director Lee Cronin taking the reigns. There's every possibility that if the game and film are successful, we could perhaps see some Evil Dead Rise content in the game.

For the time being, that's all we know about Evil Dead: The Game's DLC roadmap. Hopefully, more details will be coming soon. In the meantime, have you checked out Method Man's latest track, specifically created for the game? I don't recommend listening to music while being hunted by the Kandarian Demon, but this one is a bit of a bop.

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Evil Dead: The Game

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