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The original Elden Ring manga is going on hiatus because the author is taking some time off to play Shadow of the Erdtree like the rest of us

What other option is there?

A manga drawing of Elden Ring's Radahn fighting Malenia.
Image credit: FromSoftware

The original Elden Ring manga is on hiatus for this month, as the author is… going to be busy playing Shadow of the Erdtree.

Earlier this month, you might have seen that a new Elden Ring manga was in the works. The original manga, Elden Ring: The Road to the Erdtree, by Nikiichi Tobita, is still ongoing, except there won't be a new chapter next month. As spotted by GamesRadar, Tobita took to Twitter to explain why they won't be releasing a chapter next month (which typically releases on the 19th, a new chapter just dropped today), and it's pretty simple: Shadow of the Erdtree is out this week. Yes, that's right, Tobita is just like the rest of us, and appears to be taking some time off of working on a manga about playing Elden Ring, so that they can instead play Elden Ring. I mean, this surely has to count as research right?

In the tweet from Tobita above, you can see a drawing of someone sleeping in a bed dreaming of those funny glowing worms seen in the first Shadow of the Erdtree trailer, that person presumably being Tobita themself. I do love those weird little worms too, even though I know they'll end up kicking my ass, despite how cute they are. Still, there'll likely be a new chapter come August at the very least, and you'll have Shadow of the Erdtree to keep you busy while you wait!

Our own James got to review the DLC, giving it a strong 5/5, writing, "while the start of Shadow of the Erdtree can come off as a regression, really, the DLC as a whole is FromSoftware flexing all of its creative muscles - including some it hasn’t used in a while and others it might be building up for the future. The depth of storytelling in the Lands of Shadow, as well as the new weapons, spells and items (all of which add to the lore themselves, of course), only better your experience of the Lands Between, and make for a worthy upgrade to what is already an unforgettable adventure."

Shadow of the Erdtree is out this Friday, June 21.

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