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Elden Ring invisible enemies guide: What invisible scarabs are for

Invisible scarab is real, but it can't hurt you

If you’re baffled by the invisible enemies in Elden Ring, you’re not alone.

Unlike practically everything else in The Lands Between, these invisible creatures aren’t a threat to you. They are worth seeking out, however, because you’ll obtain some fantastic rewards for your sleuthing.

What are the invisible enemies in Elden Ring?

The invisible enemies are actually a type of scarab, one the scarab tutorial neglects to mention entirely. There are quite a few of these rolling their invisible dung balls around The Lands Between, usually at least one or two per region. West Limgrave has an invisible scarab on the western beach that’s visible thanks to the glowing footprints it leaves, but most are only detectable by a slight shimmering in the air around them.

Invisible enemies in Elden Ring won’t hurt you, but they will try and escape. Like their red and blue counterparts, the invisible scarabs move quite quickly, so you’ll need to dash or use Torrent to chase them down.

Defeating invisible scarabs gets you a new Ash of War to modify your weapons with, so if you spot a shimmer, always chase it down.

Where are invisible Teardrop Scarabs in Elden Ring?

So far, we’ve found invisible scarabs in these places:

  • The northern beach near Coastal Cave in West Limgrave
  • North of Stormhill Shack, among the ruins
  • Near the cliffs northeast of Waypoint Ruins
  • Near the western Stormgate tower, close to the Gaol portal
  • North of Caria Manor in Liurnia

You can also purchase Ashes of War from the Warmaster east of Stormhill Shack, though he charges Runes. Obtaining them by defeating invisible scarabs costs you nothing other than a bit of time.

If you’re looking for more Elden Ring help, we’ve got plenty of it to offer. Our beginner’s guide has essential tips to keep you from dying (too often), and once you make some progress, you’ll need to figure out what to do with those Great Runes you get from defeating story bosses. If you need a break from questing, you can always freshen up your Tarnished’s appearance as well.

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