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Elden Ring frame rate and other performance-related issues to be addressed in future patches

It's been acknowledged there are some issues preventing the game from playing properly under certain conditions.

FromSoftware is aware of certain issues being experienced by Elden Ring players on PC and PS5.

According to the developer, it will address the issues in future patches and asks that in the meantime folks remain patient.

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On PC, the development team is working on mouse sensitivity and an Easy Anti-Cheat issue where it is failing to launch when the Steam account name is set to 2-byte characters.

On all platforms, regarding the phenomenon of frame rate and other performance-related issues during gameplay, the team will be "constantly working to improve the game" so that it can be played comfortably on various PC environments and platforms.

The fact this is being addressed should please many PC players who are rather perturbed over stuttering issues in the game.

For the PC version, it was suggested that updating your graphics card drivers to the latest version may improve performance.

For PS5 users, the team is aware that game data may not save correctly should the console unexpectedly be turned off while playing or in rest mode. A patch to correct the problem is being worked on, but until the patch is released, it is suggested that you save your game manually by exiting the game regularly. Game data will be saved correctly if you quit the game by opening the system menu using the OPTION button and selecting "Quit Game.”

Released today, a day one patch for Elden Ring is available, and you will want to apply it before playing the game. The patch covers improved player controls, makes balance adjustments, fixes some NPC events, addresses some frame rate drops under certain conditions, and more.

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