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Elden Ring D quest guide: What to do with the Twinned Armor

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Update: We've streamlined the information on this page and added some additional tips so that you have no trouble completing D, Hunter of the Dead's quest.

The Elden Ring D quest is simple in itself and ends after just a few conversations, but the real significance isn't what happens to D, Hunter of the Dead. The quest is tied to a broader set of storylines that eventually leads to one of the game's Elden Lord endings.

D's part in the quest ends quickly, but seeing the full arc through to the end takes a long time and involves Ranni’s quest as well. Like much else in Elden Ring, don’t expect to finish this quickly.

How to start D’s quest in Elden Ring

You'll first run into D in Limgrave, near Stormhill Shack; he's identifiable by his gold mask. He will say something cryptic about the undead before leaving. If you, however, defeat Godrick or meet with Gurranq Beast Clergyman before running into D, he'll move on to Roundtable Hold.

In Rountable Hold, D will be sitting at the Table of Grace talking about the undead again. After speaking with him, travel to Summonwater Village in Limgrave, north of the the Third Church of Marika, and defeat the Tibia Mariner boss here.

Take the Deathroot you obtain back to D in Roundtable Hold and speak with him. Then, travel to the Bestial Sanctum and speak to Gurranq Beast Clergyman (we’ve outlined how to do that in our Deathroot guide).

Travel back to Roundtable Hold after your meeting with Gurranq, and you can get some new dialogue out of D. He’ll also sell a few Golden Order (Holy, in other words) Incantations if you respond to him with the affirmative option. This is technically where D’s quest ends, but it’s not the end for D – yet.

How to progress D’s quest in Elden Ring

Keep speaking with Fia (the death hug lady) in the Roundtable Hold. At some point, possibly after you first defeat Godrick, though it seems different for every player, she’ll ask you to help her. She wants you to return a Weather Dagger to its rightful owner. That would be D, so hand it over when you're ready.

The next step is to fast travel to Roundtable Hold again. Enter the room behind the Blacksmith - to the left of the stairs - to find Fia standing over D’s dead body. Loot his body to get a special Bell Bearing for the Twin Husks and a set of Twinned Armor. Here’s where the quest branches and still involves D.

You’ll need to carry on Fia’s quest, which involves progressing Ranni’s until you obtain the Carian Inverted Statue. After that, you can find D’s brother in Nokron, Eternal City, just outside the arena where you face the Valiant Gargoyles.

Give him the Twinned Armor. Note that if you do, he’ll wake from his eternal (not so eternal now) slumber and murder Fia later in her quest. If you don’t, he stays asleep and Fia remains alive through the end of the game. Giving him the armor then also means that you can summon D during your fight against the Valiant Gargoyle duo.

Fia's death occurs after she gives you her Mending Rune, so it doesn't affect the Duskborn ending.

Alternatively, you can kill D when you find him near Stormhill Shack, before visiting Roundtable Hold, and give his armor to his brother. The brother will then fight you instead, bypassing the whole situation with Fia's death.

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