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Elden Ring's now been beaten using morse code, and yes, watching it happen will probably make you feel useless at games

A dot and dash dance with death.

Elden Ring's tarnished about to get rocked by a boss.
Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

I'm gonna cut to the chase here. A streamer's just beaten Elden Ring - including my buddy and yours Malenia - using button-operated morse code. As with asll these kinds of challenge runs, it's an incredibly impressive feat, and will no doubt leave you utterly devastated about how terrible you are at video games in comparison.

Sure, we've still got a little bit of time to go before the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC drops and you get to really remind yourself just how useless you can be at Fromsoftware's array of 'here's a big scary person/thing, now slap or shoot stuff at them until they fall over' masterpieces. But, hey, you might as well start getting that out of the way now.

Meet streamer Silithur, who's going to help you do just that. They've just finished off a run through Elden Ring which saw them use morse code toi control their character, via a very fun big red button. Yes, that's been their only input for every action you could possibly want to fire off as you're traversing the Lands Between, or nearly having your head taken off by a boss.

For example, here's a clip of them managing to beat Malenia with the button just over a week or so ago, when the run - which kicked off all the way back in February - was really starting to ramp up towards a climax. First of all, you can only imagine how annying that constant beeping generated by the frantic dotting and dashing got for poor Silithur, as their very fluffy Tarnished ducked, dived, weaved, and stabbed using a big sword until Malenia stopped doing Malenia things.

This past weekend, the same fate befell the Elden Beast to end the run, which looks to have been of the all remembrances variety, with Silithur outlining in Spanish just how tough challenges of this nature are from a mental perpective. You've got to stay even-keel, especially when playing for long sessions at a time, and not let your emotions get the best of you when you're close to victory.

It's obvious, but given how easy it can be for us regular folks to see someone do something like this in Elden Ring and assume they must basically be a FromSoft game-beating robot, it's important to remember. Judging by their tweets, it seems like this might be the last challenge like this Silithur does for a little while, but they do mention the DLC at the end, so maybe we'll get to see Messmer morsed to death.

If watching that run has you feeling like starting your own, make sure to check out our array of Elden Ring guides, which can help refresh your memory on everything from quests to getting useful items.

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