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Dying Light 2 players can expect at least four years of post-release support

Dying Light 2 will be supported with extra content for at least four years, according to the game's lead designer.

Speaking in an interview with Prankster 101, lead game designer Tymon Smektala said Techland's post-release plan for Dying Light 2 is similar to the support it showed for the original (thanks, Push Square).

"Dying Light 1 was supported for four years after its release, and the plan for Dying Light 2 is exactly the same," said Smektala. "We want this game to be supported after its release.

"We know that a lot of fans will be waiting for DLCs, updates, extra stuff they can get their hands on. And we promise to deliver them just that."

Elsewhere in the interview, Smektala touched upon the length of the game. Apparently, the main campaign will take you anywhere from 15-20 hours to complete. But if you do all of the side missions, and the emergencies, you're looking at over 100 hours of gameplay.

Considering the game is four-times the size of the original, it makes sense.

Plus, you will have to to contend with the consequences of your choices in the game which affect the entire game world. This includes the various factions which control portions of the city.

Choices made can change an area from being a relatively peaceful zone, into a fascist state, or destroy it entirely. You'll definitely want to see how all of that plays out.

Currently set for a spring 2020 release, Dying Light 2 in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One but will also be a cross-gen game.

If you want more information on Dying Light 2, read our in-depth interview with the team and freelance writer Chris Avellone.

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