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Media Molecule would like Dreams creators to be able to home their creations to other platforms

Media Molecule is envisioning a future where, perhaps, your Dreams game could live on PC or mobile.

Dreams, Media Molecule's incredible game-and-art builder, is currently available in Early Access. In our own interview with the company, we found out that the team has a long tail planned for the game, beyond the launch of the PS5, and that most players are creating their own original content instead of remaking existing IPs.

Now, some further details have emerged about the studio's grand plans for the game and its users. Talking to, Media Molecule co-founder and art director Kareem Ettouney has spoken about their hopes and, uh, dreams for the future of Dreams.

"We want people to be able to go to the moon with their projects," Ettouney told the site, before erroneously telling them that they "already have a commercial license" (a follow-up on the article clarifies that this is not the case, but that it's something they are "looking into".

Once this has been sorted, though, "everything you make in Dreams is yours to use commercially outside of Dreams," and while there are currently no options for exporting games, in the future "exporting to other devices and beyond" will be possible.

All of this is somewhat theoretical at the moment, of course, but it's exciting - Media Molecule told us (in an unpublished response from our interview) that there's currently no immediate way for creators to monetise their own creations, but this would perhaps change things.

Dreams is currently available on PS4 in early access.

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