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A Dragon's Dogma 2 showcase is finally coming later this month

What other game would let you leap into the face of a troll? Worth checking out, at the very least.

Dragons Dogma 2 TGS 2023
Image credit: Capcom

Good news Capcom fans: A Dragon's Dogma 2 showcase is set to go live later this month, on November 28.

In it, we can expect director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi to take us through a short 15-minute slice of the game, which'll provide plenty of brand new information on it, as well as giving us a chance to take in some fresh gameplay.

In a short 21-second teaser you can watch right now right now, Capcom offers a taste of what to expect from the upcoming showcase.

Naturally, this includes a lot of of what Dragon's Dogma fans may already be expecting from the much-anticipated sequel. We're talking Grigori, the big red dragon, seemingly being back at his favourite pastime of plucking out and eating hearts. We also get a look at a variety of monsters like a gryphon and a troll, plus something new and exciting. Finally, we get an all-too-brief look at a troll destroying a bridge and causing the player to plunge to the ground.

It's a technically impressive looking game to be sure, and one that is pleasing to the eye - thanks in large part to the fancy new engine Capcom are using for it. Getting some more insight on the game will be interesting, especially considering the hot streak Capcom has been on recently. Resident Evil 4: Remake, Street Fighter 6... We're certainly in a period where the studio is in a habit of knocking out home runs.

Capcom has also stated it has a major game due to come out before April 2024, and with time ticking down to that fateful date it's hard to see what else it could be aside from Dragon's Dogma 2. The wording used in said statement could either mean "unannounced" or "unpublished", so there may be good reason for Dragon's Dogma fans to get especially excited for November 28. Who knows, maybe a release date will be announced during the stream.

It's possible, because ratings board PEGI seems to think the game will be released on March 22 - hopefully this will be confirmed or corrected on the stream.

Will you be watching live? If so, let us know below, as well as what your hopes are for the showcase.

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