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DICE talks DLC for Battlefield: Bad Company 2


Karl Magnus Troedsson, executive producer at DICE, has told IGN that DLC for the single-player bit of the game takes a more time to create than multiplayer - but at the same time, the possibility is not being ruled out completely.

"We haven't planned any DLC that comes with the actual story itself, but we won't rule it out," said Troedsson.

"The good thing about having a post-launch campaign that we have -- that we plan to take care of the product for a long time -- is that we can be reactive to what people think. But obviously, creating single-player missions is a much bigger thing than creating additional multiplayer maps.

"I would dare say we have a lot of opinion based on the fact that we've been making multiplayer games for so long. Already in 1942 and Battlefield 2 we had a lot of different booster packs.

"One of the very clear lessons that we learned from that is that the more booster packs people have to pay for, all you do is actually segment the community. If you don't have this map, you can't play with me. If I don't have that map, I can't play with you. Team play is very important for us... this is something that we felt that it is probably better to give away a lot of the maps for free, and then perhaps we can have some more paid DLC in the future that is not focusing on that."

It was revealed today that the game would be dropping SecuROM from the PC version.

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