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DICE LA working on more Battlefield, after all

DICE LA is seemingly not done with Battlefield, as we once believed.

DICE LA has long existed as a support studio to DICE's main team in Sweden. The studio, which has a solid history of working on classic shooters, sort of existed in limbo for a while.

A little over a year ago, EA revealed that Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella will be helping DICE LA rebrand, and ramp up hiring so the studio could have its own identity, and create its own games away from DICE's influence. But this may not be how things have worked out, for now at least.

Justin Wiebe, senior design director at DICE LA, confirmed on Twitter that his team's next project is a Battlefield. "Any guesses what EA owned franchise I’m thrilled to be working on now? he asked on Twitter, before ruling out other major EA franchises one by one until arriving at Battlefield.

"It’s wondrous I get to work on a game I fell in love with almost 20 years ago! The sandbox play of [Battlefield] 1942 was just amazing for its time. I look forward to hearing from all of you what you loved and hope for in a future BF game," he added.

Wiebe didn't say whether this is going to be an entirely new game, lead by DICE LA, or simply more support work for the mainline Battlefield game coming out later this year. It's possible the team will be doing both, maybe even a standalone battle royale mode, should EA want to give Activision's Warzone some competition.

DICE LA is largely credited with reviving Battlefield 4. From fixing the game's shoddy netcode, to keeping players happy with a steady stream of maps and weapons, the studio really turned that game around. It also contributed to more recent Battlefield games, though in a smaller capacity. All that is to say that Battlefield fans are likely very excited about the news.

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