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This Diablo 4 Legendary drop has to be a troll

Imagine spending your precious time grinding in Diablo 4, only to get this Legendary piece of gear as a reward.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, there's no question that Diablo 4 has loads of exciting loot drops. Add to that the ability to target dungeon Aspects, and the fact you can extract Aspects from gear and imprint them into other pieces, and you end up with quite a lot of freedom to build your character.

But sometimes, the game is just cruel. And no, we're not talking about the six rarest items you'll never see. Because of the inherent random nature at the heart of the maths that decides what affixes you get on loot (and how powerful), sometimes you end up with a dud.

That's the unfortunate situation Reddit user LavusVincere found themselves in. When they received the Boneweave Helm of the Crowded Sage, they didn't expect the Aspect it rolled with to have a value of zero.

"You heal for 0 [0-2] Life per second for each close enemy, up to 8 Life per second," the Aspect's description reads.

LavusVincere sarcastically called it the "greatest legendary known to man" in their popular Reddit post. It turns out, they were not the first to get a semi-useless stat on their Legendary drop, either. As others have shared in the comments, this appears to be more common than you'd expect.

Greatest legendary known to man
by u/LavusVincere in Diablo

User MamaMouser had the same exact Aspect drop on a Legendary shield they received for defeating The Butcher - which they met at level one!

MamaMouser's was a somehow worse version of the same Aspect, boasting an impressive [0-1] Life, and an even shorter duration of six seconds! Which is just insulting.

Of course, anyone unlucky enough to get these ultra-low stats on their Aspects, can still find some solace in the fact the Aspect can be improved by upgrading the item it rolled on - which is five times in this case. Upgrading the Aspect before extracting it means it will be stronger when it's eventually imprinted onto a different - better - item.

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