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All Diablo 4 dungeon locations and their aspects

Dungeon diving

With the full release of Diablo 4, Tracking down all the Diablo 4 dungeons may seem like a slog, but if you're after an easy way to level up and add some powerful Aspects for your build, it's certainly worth the effort.

Dungeons may not seem like the most engaging part of Diablo 4, but completing them is your ticket to nabbing some high-powered Legendary Aspects for your classes, some of which you can't obtain anywhere else.

While you're exploring, make sure to keep an eye out for events and a chance to snag some Murmuring Obols to exchange for rare equipment.

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Diablo 4 dungeon locations

Fractured Peaks has 22 dungeons in total, or at least, we’ve found 22. There may be more, and if we run across them, we’ll update with the new locations.

All Fractured Peaks dungeons and aspects

These are the dungeons you’ll find during the beta and the aspects you get for completing them.

Dobrev Taiga dungeons

Light’s Watch (north of Krol Forest)

  • Aspect of Conflagration (Sorcerer)
Maulwood (east of Margrave)
  • Shaking Aspect (Barbarian)

Frigid Expanse dungeons

Black Asylum (northeast of Olyam Tundra
  • Aspect of Torment (Necromancer)
Hallowed Ossuary (south of Lake Klokova
  • Aspect of Unrelenting Fury (Barbarian)
Immortal Emanation (southeast of Eastern Plain)
  • Mangled Aspect (Druid)
Forsaken Quarry (north of Eastern Plain, near the Secret of the Spring quest location)
  • Aspect of Encircling Blades

Malnok Dungeons

Rimescar Cavern (northeast Malnok)
  • Aspect of Plunging Darkness (Druid)
Anica's Claim (northern Malnok)
  • Stormclaw's Aspect (Druid)

Seat of the Heavens dungeons

Sanguine Chapel (east of Alabaster Peak)
  • Energizing Aspect (Rogue)
Zenith (north of Malthus' Perch)
  • Recharging Aspect (Sorcerer)
Hoarfrost's Demise (west of Malthus' Perch)
  • Blood-Bathed Aspect (Necromancer)

Sarkova Pass dungeons

Kor Dragan Barracks (east of the stronghold)
  • Aspect of Anemia (Barbarian)
Forbidden City (west of the stronghold)
  • Nighthowler's Aspect (Druid)
Mercy's Reach (northwestern part of the region)
  • Bloodseeker's Aspect (Druid)

Pallid Glade dungeons

Caldera Gate (northwestern corner of the region)
  • Eluding Aspect (all classes)
Nostrava Deepwood (south of Caldera Gate)
  • Flesh-Rending Aspect (Necromancer)
Derelict Lodge (northeast of The Brinewood)
  • Aspect of Explosive Verve (Rogue)

Nostrava dungeons

Cultist Refuge (must clear Nostrava stronghold first)
  • Flamewalker's Aspect (Sorcerer)

Desolate Highlands dungeons

Tormented Ruins (north of Nevesk)
  • Aspect of the Unsatiated (Druid)
Defiled Catacomb (southwest of Boulder Ridge)
  • Aspect of Tempering Blows (Barbarian)

Gale Valley dungeons

Dead Man's Dredge (east of Tsepilova Pond)
  • Aspect of Piercing Cold (Sorcerer)

Meanwhile, if you're wondering which class is right for you, check out our Diablo 4 class tier list and our recommendations for Necromancer builds and Sorcerer builds to get the most from the strongest classes.

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