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Diablo 4 joins the leak train with over 50 minutes of footage appearing online

Quite the weekend, ey?

After the weekend's big Grand Theft Auto leak, it now turns out that there's been an also pretty big Diablo 4 leak, as test footage has cropped up online.

As shared by Reddit user iV1rus0 on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit, about 53 minutes of the upcoming sequel is available to watch as a pair of videos, one that's around five minutes in length, the other around 38 minutes. While the GTA 6 footage was the result of a hack, this Diablo footage appears to be from a Discord stream, as the app's notification sounds can be heard in the background.

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You can even hear the people streaming the game, though their voices have been distorted, likely as to protect their identity. Though all of the footage has been watermarked, so who knows how effective that will be.

Important to note is that the game obviously isn't finished yet, as you can see in the footage that some of the environments just have blocky, untextured sections, so if you do check out the footage please remember this doesn't represent the final product. There are some other hiccoughs here and there, as movement doesn't appear to be the smoothest, but it's clearly coming together well.

The footage shows the player exploring the world as a Barbarian, occasionally engaging in some pretty fleshed out looking combat. But again, as far along as it might be, keep your expectations in check in terms of a release date.

If you're worried about Diablo 4 being like Immortal in anyway when it comes to monetisation, the head of Diablo Rod Fergusson has said that it's a game designed for console and PC audiences, seemingly implying that microtransactions won't be present in the same way they are in Immortal.

The biggest problem is that Diablo seems to be going the way of Call of Duty, which isn't the way all games should go.

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