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Diablo 4 may be on Steam, but you can only play this free trial on

Following last week's Xbox-only trial, Diablo 4 has returned with another free weekend - this time on PC.

Though this may not be as exciting as all the expansion leaks, this is still a good time for Diablo 4 fans. But what if you've been watching from afar? Well, Blizzard is offering anyone on the fence another opportunity to jump in.

Diablo 4 is hosting another free trial this weekend on PC, after it ran one on Xbox last week.

This particular trial is only available on, not on Steam, despite the game having launched there recently. Blizzard created this landing page which automatically starts the download, and saves you from having to download, and find the game on the store.

The trial is live now until Monday, October 30. The only limitation of this particular freebie is that your progress is capped at level 20, but you will be able to play beyond that - just don't expect to have much to do.

Diablo 4 supports cross-save and cross-play, so your progress will carry over if you purchase the game later. This also means that you can join friends on other platforms, whether they're playing the trial or the full game.

If you like what you play, you can pick up the game at 25% off everywhere. Now is a really good time to jump into Diablo 4, too, following the launch of Season of Blood. The game has exciting new content, new bosses, a revamped endgame, more rewarding loot game, and many of its controversial systems are much more welcoming. Definitely worth the bandwidth.

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