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Diablo 4 player steps up to fix the game's Aspect sorting problem

The more you play Diablo 4, the more tracking and filtering the Aspects you own becomes a real drag.

By now, anyone who finished Diablo 4's campaign and spent any meaningful time in the post-campaign/endgame, will be acutely aware of the game's inventory sorting problems. Even setting aside the inventory size itself, the real issue is that there is no way to accurately (and quickly) see what you have.

This is demonstrated perfectly by how the game sorts Aspects, affixes that drop on gear and can be extracted and stored to be applied to different pieces. Not only can each Aspect drop with a range of values, they have different levels that depend on the item they first dropped on.

Big world, many rewards, but no filtering options!Watch on YouTube

But the thing that makes finding what you have truly a nightmare is that you can never tell at a glance what the Aspect is. Since there's no search option, you can't type in what you want, or filter out any ones in particular.

But there's hope, at least until Blizzard offers an in-game solution. For now, we can use Reddit user GravelForce's tool: D4 Aspect Tracker. The aptly named D4 Aspect Tracker is a simple database that lets you enter the Aspects you have, and later filter and search through them.

It saves a copy of what you entered in your browser, so you can load up the page at any time and update it with new finds. You can have multiples of the same Aspect, and filter Aspects available to each of the different classes, both in and out of the Codex.

Best of all, the 'limit to owned' function means you'll never wonder what you have/have not unlocked or found. The search bar is great, too, as it lets you type in the skill or boost you're after and it'll bring up Aspects that offer them, instead of having to remember the full name.

GravelForce published the site code on GitHub, and they're asking designers to help contribute to the look of the site. It's functional right now, but could definitely use some UI love from someone with an artist touch.

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