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Diablo 3: Caravan of Artisans detailed, screened, videoed

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Blizzard has let loose on some new Diablo 3 information, this time it pertains to your hero being followed around by a caravan of Artisans.

Apparently, these Artisans will provide different crafting services to your intrepid adventurer, and the first ones to be discovered during the main quest line are: the mystic, jeweler, and blacksmith.

These fellows will take the place of the Horadric Cube from the previous entry in the game series, each item crafted will have random stats applied to it, and you can even gather the resources yourself so your handy-dandy workers can produce lovely or deadly things for your person.

Artisans can also learn new recipes and get an upgrade.

Sounds lovely. Now,when the hell is it out, please? We're dying over here.

Check out the screens below, courtesy of FileFront, and if videos are more your taste, head on over to PC Games for a watch.

Thanks, IGN.


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