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Destiny 2 Spectral Pages: How to farm Spectral Pages and get Manifested Pages

Crack open a book

If you want to max out your rewards in Festival of the Lost, you need to get plenty of Spectral Pages in Destiny 2 and convert them to Manifested Pages. As usual with Destiny’s Halloween event, you need to take part in certain activities to earn these pages, but that’s just part of the process.

In typical Destiny 2 fashion, you need to complete some additional steps to transform Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages, though it’s not as tedious as it sounds. These steps involve another event activity, one that rewards you with plenty of candy, so it’s worth doing for more than just pages.

You need several dozen pages to fully satisfy the Book of the Lost and earn all your event rewards, including the new Mechabre Rifle, so plan on setting aside some time to farm Spectral Pages over the next few weeks.

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How to get Spectral Pages in Destiny 2

You get your first Spectral Pages as part of the Gone but Not Forgotten quest that kicks off Festival of the Lost 2022. These automatically transform into Manifested Pages as you continue the quest, but once that’s all wrapped up, you have a few options for getting more pages.

  • Strikes and Nightfalls: 5 Spectral Pages
  • Lost Sectors (legend and regular): 1 Spectral Page
  • Public Events (heroic and regular): 2 Spectral Pages
  • Crucible: 3 Spectral Pages
  • Gambit: 3 Spectral Pages

Make sure you’re wearing your Festival of the Lost mask when you complete these activities, or you won’t get any pages or candy.

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Best Spectral Page farm methods

If you want to get Spectral Pages quickly, and of course you do, your best bet is sticking to public events. These take much less time than playlist activities, and you can farm them in almost every location just by zooming around to the event areas as they cycle around every few minutes.

A glitch that lets you farm nine Spectral Pages by playing the second mission in the Witch Queen campaign with another player is also active as of the event’s start date. You can check out how to do it thanks to YouTuber Aztecross, but keep in mind that Bungie will likely patch this method out before the event ends.

If you want to farm candy as well, then Crucible matches are the way to go. You get 235 candy just for taking part, plus an additional eight candy for every kill you make, making it one of the best ways to earn candy and snatch up all of Eva’s rewards in the event shop.

How to transform Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages

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The only way to turn Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages is by challenging Haunted Sectors and defeating Headless Ones – the giant ones with pumpkins perched atop their neck cavities. We haven’t quite worked out the formula for how many pages one Headles One transforms, but if you clear the event by defeating at least 10 Headless Ones, we found you can convert a dozen pages.

Take your Manifested Pages back to the tower, and insert them into the Book of the Forgotten, which, if you're facing Eva Levante, is to the right of Eva. Here, you can collect rewards, purchase a special event pass with exclusive rewards, and see what other challenges you need to complete.

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