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Death Stranding comes to Steam this June with photo mode, Half-Life content, and more

The Death Stranding PC release date was recently set for June, at which point Kojima's latest will come packed with a photo mode, unique Half-Life content, and lots more.

The announcement was made by the official 505 Games Twitter page. You can check it out below.

"Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding launches on Steam & Epic Games Store on June 2, 2020," the tweet reads. "The PC edition features Photo Mode, high frame rate, ultra-wide monitor support & content from Valve’s Half-Life!" You can check out the Half-Life content in the video, which shows Sam wearing a sort of Head Crab hat. Obviously Kojima couldn't resist.

PC users already have the option to pre-purchase Death Stranding from either Steam or the Epic Games Store, which allows you to avail of extra content such as HD wallpapers, in-game omnireflector sunglasses (which will look really cool when you're skulling cans of Monster Energy), and a snazzy silver speed skeleton. If any of that piques your curiosity, you can watch the full new Death Stranding PC release date trailer below.

Death Stranding launches on PC on June 2, 2020, and will be available to purchase on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. If you're still on the fence about it, check out our Death Stranding review. Or, if you prefer videos, you can watch our Death Stranding review, too.

And if, like most people (including Kojima himself, apparently), you're still a bit unsure as to what Death Stranding even is, feel free to check out our Death Stranding plot summary as well. Hopefully it clarifies at least some of the weirdness for you. You can also check out our definitive ranking of the best Metal Gear Solid games if you've got a hankering to play them now you're all finished with Death Stranding. Or you're a bit of a Kojima buff and want to argue with us.

In related news, Kojima Production appears to be teasing a new Silent Hill game.

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