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Connections hints and definitions for November 22, 2023

Let these Connections clues guide the way!

A Connections puzzle, showing the categories "Mild Oaths", "Fast", "Falsify" and "TV Shows"
Image credit: New York Times/VG247

A new puzzle game from the New York Times, Connections challenges players to deduce the hidden connections between a varied list of words and sort them into 4 different categories.

You only have 4 guesses to get everything right though, so it can be tougher than it looks. So you’re not struggling for too long, we’ve come up with a few Connections hints that should, hopefully, help you come up with the solution.

As a guide, we’ve listed the definitions of each featured word, because a lot of the time that can be enough to highlight something you’ve missed. Then we’ve also given you some alternative words that could also fit into each category as an extra clue.

If you’re already down to your last guess however, the answers are also listed down below. We’ve hidden them behind spoiler tags so you don’t accidentally see anything you don’t want to!

Connections hints for November 22, 2023

  • Group 1 hint: These are grand ecological landmarks created by running water - Alternative words: Valley, Chasm, Gully
  • Group 2 hint: Stuffed in, tasting nothing - Alternative words: Scoff, Guzzle, Gobble
  • Group 3 hint: A particularly Grimm fairy tale that was also the first animated feature from a media giant - Alternative words: Prince, Sleepy, Doc
  • Group 4 hint: The third letter of the alphabet mixed with an avian vertebrate - Alternative words: Chawk (I know this doesn’t work, nothing does)

Connections definitions for November 22, 2023

  • Craven - Cowardly, especially contemptibly so
  • Canyon - A deep gorge with a river flowing through it
  • Scarf - A length of fabric worn around the neck or head for fashion, warmth or religion, or eat enthusiastically
  • Clark - A common surname
  • Apple - The round edible fruit of an apple tree
  • Gorge - A narrow valley between hills or mountains formed by running water over time, or eat a large amount of food hungrily or greedily
  • Cowl - A large loose hood
  • Gulch - A steep-sided ravine formed by fast-flowing water
  • Queen - A female monarch, or a chess piece
  • Pass - To move across or past something, or to refuse something
  • Wolf - A wild carnivorous mammal in the dog family, or to eat some quickly and voraciously
  • Ravine - A deep and steep-sided gorge
  • Gulp - The onomatopoeic sound of swallowing, or audibly eating or drinking in general
  • Bashful - Shy
  • Mirror - A reflective surface, or to copy something exactly
  • Chen - A gender-neutral name of Chinese origin meaning "dawn" or "morning"

Connections answers for November 22, 2023

Click or press on the spoiler tags below to reveal the hidden Connections answers.

  • Group 1 answer: “Areas between mountains and hills” - Canyon, Gulch, Pass, Ravine
  • Group 2 answer: “Eat Voraciously” - Gorge, Gulp, Scarf, Wolf
  • Group 3 answer: “Featured in Snow White” - Apple, Bashful, Mirror, Queen
  • Group 4 answer: “The letter C + a bird” - Chen, Clark, Cowl, Craven

Did you manage to get that last category? Me neither! You can’t beat a good esoteric puzzle like that, but it does tend to make it difficult when there’s really only three categories in play for you to actually guess.

Gorge was a tough red herring in with the other mountainous regions, but if you tied it to the other eating words early on then hopefully it wasn’t too tough!

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