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Connections hints and definitions for November 18, 2023

Let these Connections clues save you from the precipice!

A Connections puzzle, showing the categories "Mild Oaths", "Fast", "Falsify" and "TV Shows"
Image credit: New York Times/VG247

Today’s Connections puzzle is a tough one, with a mixture of ambiguous words that could easily fit into multiple different categories.

But never fear, here are a few Connections hints to get you started on the road to the solution, including definitions for every word featured and some alternatives that could also fit into the same category.

Connections is a new word game from the New York Times that tasks you with sorting a varied group of 16 words into 4 different, hidden categories. It’s not always easy, so if you’re truly stuck we’ve listed all of the answers down below too!

Connections hints for November 18, 2023

  • Group 1 hint: Just a quick peep - Alternative words: Peep, Skim, Shufti
  • Group 2 hint: Don’t let these words pull the wool over your eyes - Alternative words: Lie, Fib, Trick
  • Group 3 hint: You find these in high places that are often snow-capped - Alternative words: Shoulder, Face, Trail
  • Group 4 hint: These words might sound the same, but they have completely different meanings - Alternative words: PEEK (polyether ether ketone)

Connections definitions for November 18, 2023

  • Peke - An abbreviation of Pekinese, the world's cutest breed of dog
  • Gander - A male goose, or have a look at something
  • Crag - A rugged rock face
  • Pique - To arouse interest or curiosity, or a feeling of annoyance or resentment
  • Bluff - An attempt to lie or deceive particularly in a game or negotiations, or a steep bank or cliff
  • Glance - To quickly look at something, or to have something hit and rebound off of something
  • Ridge - A long and narrow hilltop, or a raised band on a surface
  • Charade - A pretence to make something appear pleasant or respectable, or a game where you act out something based on a supplied clue
  • Glimpse - To get a brief look at something
  • Look - To regard something, inspect something closely, or someone's outfit
  • Act - To do something, perform in a production, or one part of a narrative work
  • Peek - To look at something quickly or when obscured in a hiding place
  • Front - The forward facing part of something, or a facade intended to make something look like something it isn't
  • Cliff - A steep rock face, especially at the edge of the sea
  • Ledge - A narrow horizontal surface coming out of a wall or cliff, or an underwater ridge
  • Peak - The top of a mountain, or the highest point of something

Connections answers for November 18, 2023

Click or press on the spoiler tags below to reveal the hidden Connections answers.

  • Group 1 answer: "Quick Peek" - Gander, Glance, Glimpse, Look
  • Group 2 answer: “Deceit” - Act, Bluff, Charade, Front
  • Group 3 answer: “Parts of a mountain” - Cliff, Crag, Ledge, Ridge
  • Group 4 answer: “Homophones” - Peak, Peek, Peke, Pique

That was a really tough Connections puzzle today, since there were loads of very ambiguous words that slotted straight into another category like Peak, Peek and Bluff.

Peek was extra interesting, since they usually don’t repeat words that appear in category names in actual puzzles. However, once you know that Homophones is a category that can appear - and does appear - the other categories fall into place from there.

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