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Connections hints and definitions for November 21, 2023

Sink your teeth into these Connections clues!

A Connections puzzle, showing the categories "Mild Oaths", "Fast", "Falsify" and "TV Shows"
Image credit: New York Times/VG247

A few esoteric categories make today’s Connections puzzle a tough one, but with a little help hopefully everything will become clear.

When the hidden categories are a bit random it can turn the list of featured words into a complete jumble where nothing jumps out. Luckily, we’ve devised some Connections hints to lead you closer to the solution.

These include not just full definitions for every word, but some alternatives that could also fit into the same category to give some more options.

If nothing seems to be working though, we’ve also listed the answers at the bottom of the page - waiting for you if you’re well and truly stuck!

Connections hints for November 21, 2023

  • Group 1 hint: Pearly whites all of kinds - Alternative words: Incisor, Premolar, Wisdom
  • Group 2 hint: From the catwalk to the sidewalk - Alternative words: Stylish, Elegant, Dapper
  • Group 3 hint: Strut your stuff in style - Alternative words: Moonwalk, Two-step, Pirouette
  • Group 4 hint: Drink up, clean up, or really bad - Alternative words: Mosquito, Chupacabra, Limp Bizkit

Connections definitions for November 21, 2023

  • Chic - Elegantly or effortlessly fashionable
  • Canine - Like a dog, or the pointed tooth of a mammal
  • Vacuum - A space that's completely devoid of matter, or a vacuum cleaner that sucks up dirt and debris
  • Fang - A big sharp tooth, or the venom-injecting teeth of a venomous animal
  • Leech - A bloodsucking worm, or someone that habitually relies on or exploits others
  • Molar - The large flat teeth at the back of a mammal's mouth
  • Worm - A crawling invertebrate animal, or to insert oneself into a situation especially against other's wishes
  • Tusk - A long pointed tooth that protrudes out of the mouth of an elephant, walrus or wild boar
  • Robot - A machine designed to replicate or automate complex actions
  • Hip - A projection of the pelvic and upper thigh bones in bipedal and quadrupedal animals, or trendy and fashionable
  • Straw - Dried grain stalks used as food or bedding for animals or for thatching and weaving, or a thin tube used for sucking up liquid
  • Hot - Something with a high temperature, something spicy, or attractive
  • Vogue - The prevailing fashion at any one time, or an iconic fashion magazine
  • Vampire - A mythical creature that drinks the blood of their victims, or an animal that feeds on the blood of its prey
  • In - A preposition expressing the state on being enclosed by something else, or fashionable
  • Floss - A thin silky tape used for cleaning teeth, or to dance flamboyantly or show off

Connections answers for November 21, 2023

Click or press on the spoiler tags below to reveal the hidden Connections answers.

  • Group 1 answer: “Types of teeth” - Canine, Fang, Molar, Tusk
  • Group 2 answer: “Fashionable” - Chic, Hip, Hot, In
  • Group 3 answer: “Dance Moves” - Floss, Robot, Vogue, Worm
  • Group 4 answer: “Things that suck” - Leech, Straw, Vacuum, Vampire

A pretty difficult Connections puzzle today! I must admit, I thought tusks were keratinous like horns so I didn’t spot that straight away, and a couple of the categories were a bit random which makes it hard to sift through the words.

The last two categories were the ones that were going to trip you up if any though, so well done if you got either of those!

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