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Activision commits to monthly Warzone updates on anti-cheat, bans over 60,000 in a single wave

Activision has broken its silence on cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone.

For what seemed like weeks now, Call of Duty: Warzone has regularly been in headlines for all the wrong reasons. If you don't count Black Ops Cold War merge growing pains, or the glitches and returning exploits, the integrity of Warzone matches has been further tarnished by a rise in cheaters.

Activision never really addressed the problem, but this changes now. In a blog post, the publisher announced a couple of initiatives it hopes will seriously cut down on cheating in Warzone. For starters, over 60,000 cheaters have just been banned in a big new wave, bringing the total to over 300,000 overall since Warzone's introduction less than a year ago.

Activision is also working on upgrading the anti-cheat tech used in Warzone, and further enhancing its ability to detect cheating. As part of the same commitment, the company is putting more resources towards monitoring and enforcement.

The even bigger news is that Raven Software, Warzone's developer, will communicate regular updates on this process to players. We'll get at least one update per month on cheating.

"We will provide monthly updates at a minimum, and when possible, weekly updates to the community," said Activision. "For Warzone communications, the Warzone development team at Raven Software will take the lead on sharing updates going forward."

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