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Warzone Operation Monarch: How to get Godzilla and King Kong killstreaks

A major component of the new event, these killstreaks cause huge damage across the map.

Warzone Pacific’s Operation Monarch event has brought some big new changes to Caldera in the form of Godzilla and King Kong. This pair have emerged off the coast of the pacific island and are causing havoc that you’ll be able to make use of in your journey to that elusive win. This is thanks to Godzilla and King Kong killstreaks which will be available to those with the skills to earn them.

As such, this guide will take you through how these Godzilla and King Kong killstreaks work, as well as how you and your team can get them.

What are the King Kong and Godzilla killstreaks in Operation Monarch

Both King Kong and Godzilla have their own unique killstreaks that are exclusive to the Operation Monarch event. Godzilla charges up their heat ray for a devastating airstrike-style attack, while Kong does a massive ground pound.

These can be activated on any part of the map you select, although two killstreaks can’t be activated at once so be aware of any other teams who’ve got one in their possession. They’re meant to be big, game changing tools, so they’re a great thing to use at the end of the game or if you’ve found yourself caught in a rough fight.

How to get King Kong and Godzilla killstreaks

During the Operation Monarch event, players will be able to obtain Monarch Intel from dead enemies, supply boxes, and special drops. Picking this intel up will fill up a bar that rewards players with valuable loot, but the real prize comes when you fill it up completely. Doing so provides a S.C.R.E.A.M Device. This item provides players with one of the titan killstreaks, making it an important goal for teams looking to make the most of the two giants.

There’s also another method of gaining these killstreaks during a Titan frenzy event. These can happen at the start of a Operation Monarch game, as well as one more time randomly later on. During this frenzy, both monsters become increasingly deadly to squads on Caldera. You can run away, but the squad that deals the most damage to the titans during this event will be rewarded with a free S.C.R.E.A.M device.

That concludes our quick guide on the Godzilla and King Kong killstreaks in Operation Monarch! For more Warzone Pacific content check out our best Nikita loadout, as well as our report on Call of Duty’s anti-cheat technique making cheating chumps unable to see other players.

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