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Bloodborne stamina recovery rate affected by equip weight

Bloodborne players have unearthed an important gameplay detail not mentioned in the game's menus or manual.


In Bloodborne, players need to manage their stamina carefully for best results. A far more aggressively-tuned affair than past Souls games, Bloodborne does away with equip weight limits, and items have no listed weight details. As far as players knew, till today, carrying items had no effect on gameplay at all.

Turns out: they do.

Redditor thatdudewithknees seems to have been the first to discover the secret system, posting video proof that equipping the Hand Lantern will slow the rate at which your stamina bar refills.

The community was quick to investigate, and Lucky_Number_Sleven soon announced that they believed all equipment could affect base stamina regeneration.

Polygon investigated these claims and now reports that yes, carrying around extra gear does have an undocumented effect. Even carrying a second primary and offhand weapon can have significant consequences, apparently.

As yet we don't have exact details and statistics of how much each item can ruin your day, but expect the fabulous Bloodborne community to investigate and have information soon. I'm gonna bet Kirkhammer is a little weightier than Ludwig's Holy, though.

From Software sure does love to disguise and bury game systems for us to unearth. The More You Know, right? Here's a video demonstrating the Hand Lantern's effect:

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