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What do Bloodborne enemies do when you're not around?

Bloodborne is set in Yharnam, a city of manifold terrors - including a lack of nightlife, forcing inhabitants to make their own fun.

In Bloodborne, most enemies have a history and context vaguely hinted at by in-game lore. It's not hard to imbue them with personality, motivations and an existence independent of the Hunter's presence.

So what do they do with their time when they're not viciously attacking and being slaughtered by players? According to this footage captured by documentarian rogcald1, the Beasts have a variety of hobbies, including a weird live action version of snakes and ladders.

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What this actually is, of course, is the game's AI wigging out a bit, but there are genuine opportunities to learn more about Bloodborne's enemies. Many of them speak, mumbling to themselves when they think you're not around.

This weekend I overheard a member of the mob say "I must live," as he elected to stop chasing me around the environment. This made me feel somewhat guilty but honestly if you are going to let your local religious officials bring down horrors on your city and then try to set outsiders on fire when they come to help you can't expect a lot of mercy.

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