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New Bloodborne subreddits offer co-op LFG service

Bloodborne players looking for a little help now have a place to find co-op partners.


The flourishing Bloodborne community on Reddit has spawned two dedicated subreddits to help you find co-op partners. For a spoiler-free experience, try /r/huntersbell.

Update: One of the mods of /r/huntersbell reached out to let us know that the two subreddits have merged, and /r/beckoningbell is no longer active.

On the other hand, if you're happy to see boss and area names then /r/beckoningbell should be your destination of choice.

Having a buddy on-side can be a huge help in boss fights - you can take turns distracting and attacking the enemy - or getting through difficult sections of the environment. Due to level constraints and the relative lack of popularity of certain regions, you sometimes have a long wait. Setting up a helping hand in advance can smooth the process considerably.

Unfortunately, even when you pre-arrange a co-op session it's not always easy to get one going. Our guide to how multiplayer works in Bloodborne may be some help.

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