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Bloodborne, beaten with a Guitar Hero controller

Come on now, you didn't expect anything less from the Souls community, did you?


Bloodborne has been vanquished with a Guitar Hero controller, just a few weeks after its release.

Kotaku reports Bearzly took nine hours to finish the game, which is probably less than many players using a Dual Shock.

You can watch a replay on Twitch, but here's a highlight video:

Watch on YouTube

No matter how many times the Souls games are beaten with plastic guitars, I will never stop marvelling at the skill involved.

If you can't imagine how anybody can control a game accurately under such circumstances, maybe check out Able Gamers, a site dedicated to accessibility. Making games inclusive of those who can't use standard controllers, for example through button assignments or custom peripherals, is important, and players who rely on accessibility hacks and play in non-standard ways are probably way, way more skilled than the rest of us, I suspect.

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