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Best Buy outs then pulls zombie map info for Black Ops


Retailer Best Buy's Canadian site has claimed the Hardened Edition for Call of Duty: Black Ops contains zombies.

According to the listing, the SKU contains "Four Zombie Maps Pack made famous from COD: World at War".

At least, it did at one time. The site now has no mention of zombies anywhere, and instead lists the maps as: "4 extra playable co-op maps not in the standard edition".

Activision must have called 'em.

If true, the zombie maps will likely be included in the Prestige Edition, because it contains everything in the Hardened pack along with a RC-XD Surveillance Vehicle.

The Nazi Zombie multiplayer mode was a big hit with gamers when it debuted in World at War and even went on to spawn a dedicated iPhone title.

Activision has declined to comment on whether it the game has zombie maps or not.

However, back in June, Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia wouldn’t say whether or not zombies would be included in Black Ops, but he wouldn’t deny it either.

Black Ops is out November 9 for PC, PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360.

Thanks, MCV.

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