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Battlefield 2042 update 4.0 goes live next week with over 400 fixes, QoL improvements, and more

Rao and Paik will also have their traits updated.

Update 4.0 for Battlefield 2042 is set to go live next week, and according to DICE, you can expect over 400 individual fixes, bug squashing, and quality-of-life improvements.

While the patch notes will go live at the start of next week, community manager Kevin Johnson shared a bit of what to expect on Twitter.

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For one, Rao and Paik will have their traits updated. Also, Sundance has received fixes to their Grenade Belt, which will allow for better Anti-Armor Grenade target acquisition within their immediate vicinity rather than "football fields away."

Ribbons have been tweaked in order to allow easier unlocking across modes such as Rush, and XP for Support Actions and Teamplay within the game have also been balanced to ensure teamwork "remains king."

Vehicular Warfare has been balanced and targeted tweaks have been made to the Bolte, to ensure that Infantry/Vehicle counter play still has some bite.

You can also expect bug fixes towards the ADS bug when exiting a vehicle and reviving near obstacles.

DICE has been working on the game since its release, fixing all sorts of things and trying to make it more appealing to players, who have complained for many, many, reasons.

Because the studio is working hard to make these extensive fixes to the game, it postponed Season One into early summer.

When Season One arrives, it will mark the start of a year where the studio promises to deliver four Seasons, four new Specialists, and new locations along with more new content.

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