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Baldur's Gate 3 sex% runners rejoice as Larian quietly re-enables rapid Lae'zel romancing

Larian is doing what's right for the community.

Lae'zel in Baldur's Gate 3.
Image credit: VG247/Larian Studios

Breaking news: Baldur's Gate 3's sex percent speedrunning category has been saved thanks to a quiet change from Larian.

Last week, a great tragedy struck the Baldur's Gate 3 speedrunning community. The game's fourth patch added a change that massively nerfed the sex percent category that has quickly taken the community by storm, a change that many thought spelled the end of the run. The change was specifically to do with Lae'zel, who it was previously pretty easy to get it on with. However, the update made it so that you had to have "proven yourself worthy through your actions," something that made those sub-two-minute runs impossible. But… as shared by the world record holder of the category Mae, the run is back to its former glory, thanks to a quiet update Larian released the same day as the main fourth patch.

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As shared by Mae, Larian shared a 5MB-sized patch, which didn't seem to change anything at all at first. Then, speedrunner weedmoder ended up completing the speedrun the traditional way, prior to patch four, but not understanding why. As it turns out, that tiny patch was the one that made Lae'zel happy to clown with the player character as soon as she is.

Mae pointed out that from a casual player perspective that it does make sense to make it so that Lae'zel takes longer to want to spend the night with players that early in the game, as many did feel that everything moved a bit too quickly with her. But for the sake of such an important and historical speedrun, Larian clearly listened to the community and did what was best for everyone.

Last week, an achievement that is currently unobtainable in Baldur's Gate 3 was spotted in the GOG version of the game, which is potentially pointing towards a new difficulty mode even tougher than tactician.

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