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Apex Legends’ Unshackled Event is bringing back the popular LTM Flashpoint

The limited-time event will feature the return of Flashpoint game mode, new cosmetics and more.

Apex Legends players will soon be able to enjoy the all-new Unshackled Event, which will run from April 19 through May 3.

The event will see the return of the LTM Flashpoint. In it, healing items are removed from the loot pool and replaced by large “Flashpoint Zones,” which heal all Legends inside them.

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You will also be able to enjoy Unshackled Themed Cosmetics. Therw will be over 40 event-themed cosmetics available, including Legendary skins like “Machine Language” Crypto, “Bad Bot” Pathfinder, “Quantum Collision” Wraith, “Slingshot” Valkyrie, “Prison Pacifier” CAR, “Terminated” Hemlok, “Digging the Grave” Peacekeeper and “Pyromania” Rampage.

Unshackled Packs are also available to purchase that unlock cosmetics, weapon charms, trackers and more.

There will also be Flash Events featuring two unique weekly challenge tracks to unlock event-themed cosmetics. From April 19-26, rewards include a Unique Badge, Epic Charm, Epic Re-45 skin, and a Epic Seer Skin. April 26 - May 3 rewards will include a Unique Badge, Rare Apex Pack, Epic Boxing Nessie Holospray, and an Unshackled Pack.

With the event, Respawn has updated the Thematic Event Tab, making the new content simpler to find and the menus easier to navigate.

Check out the trailer for the event above, and have fun next week when things kick off.

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