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Apex Legends season 19 finally adds the one feature players have been begging for

After years of asking, Cross Progression is on the way to Apex Legends

Apex Legends season 19 is almost here. With it, the game is getting the usual spread of map reworks, a new Legend for players to mess around with, a battle pass with new cosmetics, etc. But it's also getting something special - a feature fans have been asking about for years now. Apex Legends is getting cross progression.

As soon as the season starts, Apex Legends players with multiple accounts spread across PC and consoles will have their accounts merged into one master account. Your highest rank across your accounts will carry over, as will all your cosmetics which will be compiled into one neat collection. We're not quite sure yet how duplicate cosmetics will work, but fingers crossed that you get a nice amount of in-game currency.

This is obviously great news for longtime players, especially those who may have a stray legendary skin lost on an old console (or even the dreaded Apex Legends Switch version) that they've been leaving to gather dust for a while now. Cross progression is one of those features that have been demanded by a subset of the community for a while now - almost as much as the push to make certain limited time modes permanent. As long as this doesn't lead to significant bugs or lost progress, this should go down a treat.

While cross progression is obviously a major win for the game, there's also the aforementioned regular content update that also looks pretty swell. You've got Conduit - a support character that boosts the shields of allies and disrupts her enemies all while acting as one big send-up to the Titanfall franchise that the battle royale has at its roots.

There's also a significant portion of map changes coming to Storm Point. The map has undergone some serious damage following previous seasons, but with the launch of season 19, the process of repairing the map is underway with various new POIs and the removal of prowlers from the centre of the map (thank God).

How long have you been waiting for this to land in Apex Legends? Let us know below, as well as a cosmetic that had previous been lost to the last gen that you're keen to start using again!

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