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Here's everything we know about Control in Apex Legends: Defiance

A new limited-time-mode coming February 8, here's everything we know about the next big thing coming to Apex Legends.

Every now and again, the good folk at Respawn give us a fancy new game mode to muck around with when the trials and tribulations of battle royale get a tad too stressful. Control is the latest example of this, and will be dropping alongside Apex Legends; Defiance February 8. For those who want to hit the ground running, we’ve compiled everything we know about Control to help you get to grips with this new experience.

This article will break down what Control is, how things like looting and abilities work in Control, and the future of other modes that differ greatly from the standard battle royale. This information comes from a developer Q&A where game designer David Sweiczko filled us in on many of the details.

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Apex Legends: Defiance - Everything we know about Control

Here are the basics. Control is a 9v9 mode, where teams fight to control three locations on the map. As time progresses these locations controlled by teams provide points. Once a team possesses a certain number of points they win - you’re typical King of the Hill game mode many FPS players will be familiar with.

Here’s where things get exciting. Control gives players infinite respawns and ammo, alongside no bleedout, fast heals, and recharging shields. This all aims to make Control a less stressful and competitive game mode - something you can play if you’re exhausted from the try-hard attitude you have to bring to both ranked and regular matches of the battle royale. For experienced players, think of it as an alternative way to practice core gameplay skills without putting too much on the line.

As for what maps will be used in Control, a process of trial and error led them to the selection we’ll see at launch. Battle Royale maps act as the foundation for locations in Control rather than Arena maps simply due to the difference in size, although the areas we’ll be darting around in Control will have their own distinct differences from the standard layout we’re all used to.

Apex Legends: Defiance - How abilities and looting works

With Control acting as a more casual game mode with a lot of systems streamlined, how do abilities and looting work? For one, abilities and ultimates haven’t changed much at all for Control - with all your favourite Legends remaining the same across battle royale and Control. The one exception is Lifeline, who has one significant change. Her ultimate, which typically provides a vast range of useful gear and consumables, will only provide armour and helmet upgrades. Why, you ask?

The loot system in Control has been vastly changed. Replacing the typical scavenging you see in the battle royale, Control as a “light looting system” where you gain gear through timed events and your rating.

Events can be anything from a loot drop on the map, or a challenge to see which team can take over a specific point on the map. When a team succeeds, the players who took part will see their equipment automatically upgrade.

Rating is a more passive method of improving your loadout. As you capture locations and get kills, you’ll gain rating points which acts as an indicator of how well you’re doing. As your rating goes up above a certain threshold, your gear upgrades. For example, if you’ve got blue armour, this will upgrade to purple once you reach the appropriate ranking level.

This means that instead of spending time hunting for the gear you need to be a threat on the field, you’ll be set with everything you need to make an impact in a game of Control without having to sweat about the details.

Apex Legends: Defiance - What’s the deal with future game modes?

If this is all sounding exciting, you may be wondering why exactly Control will be going away by the end of Apex Legends season 12? Well, according to Mark during the Q&A they’re not against exploring the possibility of keeping it around in some capacity in the future. However, for now, it is limited while they obtain feedback on the mode. So, best get involved once it’s out and have fun while you can.

In terms of future game modes, no promises were made of course. However, we were told as you may expect that the team is always tinkering around with ideas and potential additions to the game. But, for now, no comment on anything concrete.

That wraps up everything we know about Control! Be sure to jump in and try it out yourself on the launch of Apex Legends: Defiance February 8! If you’ve got a hunger for more Apex content, check out our page on all the changes coming to Olympus right now!

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