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Alan Wake 2's new game plus mode is almost definitely coming this month

And with that comes the game's Nightmare difficulty mode.

Saga Anderson in Alan Wake 2 aims at a cult member in a run-down convenience store. The only light is a flashlight in her hands, and the cultist weilds a fire axe.
Image credit: Remedy Entertainment

Those of you looking for an excuse to return to Alan Wake 2 might soon have a reason to, as Remedy appears to be teasing a December release for its New Game+ update.

Back in October, just before Alan Wake 2 launched, Remedy announced that Alan Wake 2 would be receiving a couple of pieces of DLC, as well as a New Game+ mode and Nightmare difficulty level. While the DLC isn't due out until sometime in 2024, it's looking like New Game+ should be arriving sometime this month. Earlier this week, the official Alan Wake 2 Twitter account shared a tweet reading, "New month, new game… plus?" paired with an image of Alan shining his flashlight on a building that literally says New Game+ on it.

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Now, I don't know about you, but I think that this might be telling us that New Game+ is coming. There's no specific date confirmed as of yet, but there's only so many days in December it could be, so we're sure to see it soon enough. According to Remedy, the New Game+ mode will let you keep all unlocked weapons and upgrades, and it will add some new content into the game too, including "new Manuscript pages and new video content." If you're a fan of Remedy Connected Universe Lore, then it sounds like the new mode will be worth playing through.

In terms of DLC, the first expansion is called Night Springs, which will let you play as "several familiar characters from the world of Alan Wake," all presented as self-contained episodes of the in-game, Twilight-Zone-parody show. Then, in the second expansion, The Lake House, we'll be seeing a bit more of the Federal Bureau of Control again, as it sees players exploring a "mysterious facility situated on the shores of Cauldron Lake set up by an independent government organisation to conduct secret research... until something goes wrong."

Alan Wake 2 launched back in October, and Kelsey's review of the game gave it a full five out of five, calling it "the best psychological horror game I’ve played in generations."

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