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Alan Wake 2 speedrunner says forget a personal best, starts dancing with the game's best moment mid-run

What else were they meant to do?

Alan Wake is dancing on a stage alongside Mr Door and Sam Lake in Alan Wake 2.
Image credit: Remedy Entertainment

Speedruns are typically about playing a game as fast as you can, but one Alan Wake 2 runner decided that a dance number is more important for their run.

There's no doubt about it: the best moment in video games last year was easily Alan Wake 2's Herald of Darkness musical number. There's just something so perfect about having a musical number of a genuinely quite scary horror game, and it helps that the tune is a bop too. Earlier this week, Alan Wake 2 made an appearance during the winter edition of speedrunning event ESA thanks to speedrunner TaintedTali, all in the name of raising money for Make a Wish International. Of course, for the most part the run is perfectly normal, but personal best be damned, towards the end of the musical chapter TaintedTali and her couch of commentators put down the controller for one thing and one thing only: a dance number.

As you can see in the clip above, during the dance sequence in Alan Wake 2 itself TaintedTali commented that she needed to stretch her legs before getting up and performing the full dance number, with plenty of confetti to celebrate. "Yes, this absolutely lost us time," TaintedTali explained to a user on Twitter, continuing, "but it was worth it to showcase the game." I would say so too, as again, it really is one of the best sequences in Alan Wake 2, and definitely the best of last year.

Whether it's thanks to that scene alone or the overall package, Alan Wake 2 has seemingly sold quite well, reaching 1.3 million units as of this month. That means that the future of the Remedy Connected Universe seems to be set in stone, so you can still look forward to Control 2 and all the other projects that Remedy has in the works at the moment.

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