Xbox Live Chinese language site launches, service still banned in China

Microsoft has launched a Chinese language Xbox Live site with information on the gaming service and Windows 8.

Xbox.com headlines

  • PSA: Update for Xbox.com is live

    That was fast wasn’t it? Just Wednesday, Microsoft announced it would be updating Xbox.com with some feature changes in “the coming days.” Well, today is the day, and if you head on over you will see the changes have gone into effect. You can now set Beacons, the My Xbox section has been replaced with […]

  • Microsoft updating Xbox.com with Beacons, new social and video features

    Microsoft has announced Xbox.com will be getting a fresh coat of paint and some feature changes in “the coming days.”

  • Microsoft merges Games for Windows with Xbox.com

    Microsoft’s PC gaming service will soon become just another branch of console gaming hub Xbox.com.

  • Xbox Live Silver to be renamed Xbox Live Free

    Xbox UK community boss Graeme “AceyBongos” Boyd has revealed Xbox Live Silver will be renamed Xbox Live Free.

  • Xbox.com to get "massive facelift" tomorrow, includes Windows Phone 7 support

    Nelson’s just detailed a “massive facelift” for Xbox.com, which will be going live tomorrow.

  • Xbox.com web-based marketplace almost launched, Avatars spotted

    Xbox.com went down for maintenance earlier today, and came back with the promised web-based Marketplace – complete with “coming soon” graphic. The new feature will allow people to buy stuff from Live then download it to their 360s later on, which is probably pretty cool. Also, as you can see here if you’re logged in […]

  • Xbox.com shifts Friends list back to single page

    Following overnight downtime for Xbox Live, Xbox.com has reappeared with a blockbuster new feature: all your Friends are now on one page. Apparently Microsoft split Friends lists into separate pages a few months ago in a redesign. we say “apparently,” because this passed us by, unfortunately. More on X3F.

  • Xbox.com relaunches for E3

    Microsoft’s relaunched Xbox.com for E3, so far including an intro from Major Nelson, a line to the official E3 blog and video from last year’s press conference. We’re so excited we could practically shit. It’s the truth. Take a look. Thanks, X3F.