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  • Rumor: "Numerous" devs working with PSP2, prepping "significant" launch line-up

    The bell’s tolling. The fat lady’s singing. Somewhere, a PSP squirrel is squeezing out a single badly drawn tear. Farewell, PSP. You’ll always be in our hear– well, hello there, hot stuff. You say your name’s PSP2? Want to, we don’t know, get a coffee or something? You know, it’s been rumored that you have […]

  • Report: Full 3DS hardware specs revealed

    The 3DS is a sleek, elegant, well-dressed piece of hardware, no doubt, but wouldn’t you like to see how it looks – ahem – in the bedroom? You know, after you’ve disassembled it. In your room. Where else would you do that?

  • Rumor: Microsoft finally revamping Xbox controller's d-pad

    If this event was a library book, it’d be so long overdue that even Bill Gates would go white with sheer horror when he got a look at the late fee.

  • Rumor: Kinect beta kits, dashboard update out in the wild

    Remember those Kinect beta invites from a couple weeks back? Well, if you got one, you may have a bouncing baby beta Kinect waiting for you on your doorstep.

  • Report: Sony working on PlayStation-branded Android phone

    Ever felt the need to tell your grandmother who lives in the middle of nowhere about the pious, upstanding life you’ve been leading while also slaying/doing the nasty with the entire Greek pantheon on the same device? Well, that’s kind of weird. But soon, you’ll be able to.

  • Megaton rumor: Duke Nukem Forever resuming development at Gearbox?

    Duke came here to finish development and chew gum. And he’s finally all out of gum.

  • Red Dead Redundancies: Rockstar San Diego faces lay offs

    Triple-A game development downside #4567327: post-development lay offs. Designing a massive, “yee-haw”-inducing wild west from the ground-up and expanding it through bite-sized DLC chunks are two entirely different things, and, unfortunately, one of them requires far fewer people to pull off.

  • Rumor: Hulu also coming to PS3

    A few weeks ago, the rumor mill was abuzz with word that popular streaming television service Hulu was gearing up to make the jump over to Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Now, it’s whirred to life again – this time suggesting Hulu’s in talks with Sony as well. Perhaps Microsoft has a one-month exclusivity deal on rumors […]

  • Rumor: Epic Mickey revamped, to be re-unveiled at E3

    Oh Mickey’s concept art, you so fine. You so fine you blow our minds. Hey Mickey’s concept art! Hey Mickey’s concept art! Your actual screenshots, on the other hand, not so much.

  • Rumor: Ye olde Sims on the way?

    Dung festering in the streets. Lack of proper plumbing. Plague. Nearly non-existent life-expectancy. Unending torrents of played-out Monty Python and The Holy Grail jokes. Those are the medieval times for you. Sounds like a pretty great place for a Sims game, huh?

  • Rumor: Michel Ancel leaves Ubisoft Montpellier, Beyond Good & Evil 2's future in doubt

    “Hello, sir. Yes, and if you’ll just sign right here…” “Um, excuse me, but what are you delivering, exactly?” “Why, it’s the rain you ordered, of course. For your parade.”

  • Rumor: Red Hot Chili Peppers getting their own Guitar Hero game

    When we think of rock ‘n’ rollers that deserve their own games,  we always harken back to the classics. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, etc. You know, era-defining bands like that. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, though? Huh. We never really thought about them. But now that we have, we’re actually pretty all right with […]

  • Rumor: Six-player co-op Castlevania coming to XBLA

    Dracula can scarcely stave off one Belmont at a time, so we can’t imagine he’s too pleased that six members of vampire-slayin’-est family around will soon be banging down his doors. There are going to be so many broken wine glasses. But enough intro; have at this post!

  • Rumor: Rocksteady prepping new DLC for first Arkham Asylum?

    Batman appears when his enemies least expect him, and apparently, so does his DLC. With Arkham Asylum’s new-Batmobile smell long since worn away and a sequel pegged for later this year, Rocksteady’s somewhat surprisingly decided to revisit Batman’s first trip to the titular loony bin with some new DLC.

  • Rumor: inFamous 2 dropping in 2010

    What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? Nope. It’s inFamous 2”s release date, which – to our knowledge – is up in the air. But a recent issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine may have narrowed it down a bit.

  • Rumor: Codemasters' American branch suffers lay-offs, going completely dark soon

    If you only go by review scores and word-of-mouth, Codemasters had a pretty great 2009. But money makes the world go ’round, and – according to a source that spoke with IGN – poor sales have the publisher retreating from America’s portion of the globe.

  • Rumor: PSPgo "relaunch" in the works at Sony

    We wanted to like the PSPgo! Really! It’s light, feels nice in our wearied Writing Palms, and is cute as a button. But looks aren’t everything, and Sony seems to have learned that the hard way. So, what’s a platform behemoth to do? Well, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again, right?

  • Rumor: Modern Warfare 2's "Ghost" to get his own game?

    When it’s your job to blabber into a microphone for hours on end, sometimes, keeping your tongue in check isn’t the easiest thing to do. Case in point: voice actor Craig Fairbrass blurted the news that some form of game starring Modern Warfare 2’s resident badass “Ghost” is in development. “I did in the last […]

  • Rumor: Halo: Reach screens, details leak

    What do bigfoot sightings and Halo: Reach leaks have in common? Well, foremost, loads of skepticism, and – of course – visual evidence that’s just blurry enough to give non-skeptics plenty of ammo. Thing is, though, unlike bigfoot’s loyal fanbase, you might not get tossed in the loony bin for thinking these screens are real. […]

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