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  • Games live on Google+

    Those invited to the latest social network can now try out Dragon Age: Legends, Bejeweled Blitz, and Angry Birds, among others.

  • Friday Shorts II: Walmart, YES, Ono x Harada, WoW, indie

    It’s time for your second batch of shorts for the day. This one features an interesting off-screen video of Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada doing, well, just watch. We’ve actually posted the video in here. A shorts first? Maybe.

  • Taiwanese App Store gets 7-day return policy

    Thanks to a new consumer protection law recently passed in Taiwan, Apple has agreed to implement a new 7-day return policy in the App Store in that country. The rest of the world is still waiting though.

  • "Games at Google" mentioned in job ad

    A Google job ad has seemingly confirmed that the US search company is getting into games.

  • Angry Birds catapults into HTML5 and Google Chrome

    It really was just a matter of time, but Angry Birds has now made it online, and is completely playable – in HTML 5 – on Google’s Chrome browser.

  • Amazon called out over its Android app pricing policy

    Amazon’s terms and conditions for developers wishing to sell Android apps via its recently launched ‘Appstore’ have come under fire by the International Game Developers Association.

  • Google survey reveals gaming is the number one use for tablets

    Of 1400 US tablet users polled, 84% use the sleek touch screen devices for games, 43% spend more time with their tablet than on their home PC. No word on what percentage spend more time with their tablet than they do with their family, friends and partners.

  • Android in-app purchases coming next week

    Google has announced it will launch in-app payment options for Android apps next week.

  • Google finally launches Android Market web store

    Google has officially launched its Android Market web store, which will allow users to buy and install apps on their phones via the Internet just by signing into their Google account.

  • Kinect dev ups sticks, goes to Google

    Johnny Chung Lee, one of the main developers behind Kinect, has left Microsoft for Google.

  • Google pulls Kongregate Arcade from Android Market

    Kongregate Arcade, the app version of the flash gaming website, has released on the Android Market, and – wait, no. It’s gone, removed by Google for “unknown reasons”.

  • Google launches Chrome Gaming App Store, features EA titles

    Google’s launched a brand new Chrome App Store, which features a gaming section.

  • Android Market now has 100K apps available for users

    Android users should be pleased to know their phone system of choice now has 100,000 different apps to choose from over on the Android Market.

  • Gameloft "cutting back" on Android platform development

    Gameloft has “significantly cut” back on developing games and applications for Google’s Android platform, according to a report from Reuters. Apparently, it’s not the only one cutting back on support, as the company stated that others are doing the same thing due to the “weakness” of Android’s application store. “We have significantly cut our investment […]

  • Google VP Jeff Huber joins EA's board of directors

    Electronic Arts has appointed Google’s senior vice president of engineering, Jeff Huber, to the company’s board board of directors. Huber is in charge of technology development and innovation for Google’s advertising systems. “We’re thrilled to have Jeff on our board,” said John Riccitiello. “His proven track record in technology and engineering will make him a […]

  • Google to give GDC attendees a peak at OpenSocial gaming gadgets

    Google will be at GDC on March 25 giving a “sneak peak” at the new “game gadgets” currently in development for iGoogle using OpenSocial. The company will also be on hand to demo the new iGoogle homepage. Here’s the rundown: Please join us on the night of March 25th as we give you an exclusive […]

  • Valve brand Google talk "100% rumour"

    Speaking to Spong, Valve’s Doug Lombardi has branded speculation of Google being poised to buy the firm as “100 percent rumour.” The Inquirer originated the talk, as you can see here.

  • Rumour: Google to buy Valve

    This Inquirer piece is rumouring that Google may be moving to buy Valve. The story cites “well-placed sources” and was filed from Austin GDC. If true, Steam is the main target, says the site. Also, it would be contrary to comments from Gabe Newell at Games Convention last month. Snip from the interview: So you’ve […]

  • Google Lively getting a boost from game developers

    Google made a few pebble-sized splashes when it waded into the videogame industry with Lively, but as with anything Google does, it won’t remain obscure for long. At the Austin GDC, the ubiquitous online company announced the next step in its plan to expand Lively: opening the gates to game developers. For now, Google plans […]

  • Google could be games publisher, says man

    This Forbes piece, authored by journalist Chris Morris, argues that Google may be considering becoming a games publisher. In a nuthshell: While most videogame makers rely heavily on brick and mortar retailers to drive sales (something Google isn’t currently set up for), digital delivery is a rapidly growing industry. Valve Software has seen success with […]

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