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Destiny 2: Season of Dawn unlock times across all regions

The ninth season of Destiny 2 starts later today, so let's take a look at when downtime begins and, most importantly, when you'll be able to jump back in and play.

The Season of Dawn is about to begin, bringing with it a new six-player activity called The Sundial, new Exotic weapons and a chance to save the greatest Titan who ever lived: Saint-14.

There will be a bit of downtime from 4 pm GMT/ 11 am ET/ 8 am PT for an hour before you'll be able to download the 2.7.0 update. Service maintenance will carry on until around 7 pm GMT/ 2 pm ET/ 11 am PT, but you'll be able to log in and play at the standard reset time.

Season of Dawn launch times

The Season of Dawn begins at the weekly reset. If you've forgotten when that is, you can check your regional unlock time in the list below. You can also check out what's new in Season of Dawn here.

  • 6 pm GMT
  • 1 pm ET
  • 10 am PT
  • 5 am AEDT

Alongside a new season, the Power cap is set to rise to 960 and 970 for Powerful and Pinnacle Power respectively. Exotic Engrams are now guaranteed to award you with a weapon or gear you don't already own, which is good news if you've been unlucky to have had repeat Exotic drops. The Solar subclass is also getting a massive overhaul with new melee moves and increased damage.

Destiny 2's winter event, The Dawning, begins next week on December 17, so check back soon for more guides.

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