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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Weapons - Zonai Powered, Water Warrior, Fierce Deity

Link will need the best weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom if he's going to stop the Upheaval.

Link freezing a Zonai Captain with one of the best weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Image credit: Nintendo
Update: We went back to test our favourite weapons to make sure we still rate them just as highly. We also added a table of contents to make this page easier for you to navigate.

Even the best weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are fleeting. The hotly debated weapon durability mechanic returns, forcing players to manage their arsenal carefully as even the sharpest blades dull and the strongest hammers crack and shatter.

In Tears of the Kingdom, there’s a quietly cool story reason for this too. The unknown evil spewing from underneath Hyrule Castle has spread gloom to the four corners of the world, decaying every weapon in the land that could pose a threat to the monster invasion.

But when almost every weapon is going to break eventually, you might as well have fun with them while they’re here. The all-new Fuse power lets you create weird and wonderful equipment instantly, turning rusty old tools into useful pieces of equipment.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom still has weapon durability, but you won't care.Watch on YouTube

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom best weapons

Here are some of the best weapons we’ve found so far in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We’ve tried to keep spoilers on this page to a minimum in case you're still playing through the story, and will update this page with more unique weapons as time goes on.

Zonai-Powered + Construct Item

Right from the start of Tears of the Kingdom you can collect “Zonai-powered” weapons, but it’s not clear exactly what “Zonai-powered” means.

Essentially, Zonai-powered weapons gain an extra attack boost when fused with other Zonai items. This is stuff like the Soldier and Captain Construct horns dropped by enemies.

Link getting a strength boost by using a weapon with the Zonai Powered ability in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Attaching a Zonai item to this Zonai-powered weapon gained an extra +3 attack! | Image credit: Nintendo

Fusing these items together allows you to quickly create strong, adaptable weapons with good durability which make full use of their constituent parts.

So remember, whenever you get a good Zonai-powered weapon, fuse it with your best Construct item for a power boost.

Bones + Bones

Skeletal Bokoblins rise from the ground at night and in caves throughout Hyrule and the underground. When they’re defeated, their still-wiggling arms are dropped on the floor for Link to collect.

They’re extremely brittle and break easily, but also extremely powerful. In the early game, try fusing two Bokoblin arms together to get a quick-and-dirty 40-power beat stick.

Who cares if it breaks fast? When it’s that strong whatever you’re up against will break fast too! Pair this with the Radiant armor set, get it upgraded at a Great Fairy Fountain, and Link will have increased attack power using bone weapons.

Gloom + Gloom

Another powerful weapon of choice involves fusing two of the same thing together, much like fusing bones together. If you've made your way to the later portion of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, where fights with Gloom-ridden enemies become more frequent (see the Crisis at Hyrule Castle quest page for more on this, but beware of spoilers), you'll run into Gloom weapons, too.

Gloom weapons are powerful, and feel really swift to use during a fight. The issue with them, however, is that they will crack Link's hearts when used. That said, if you Fuse another Gloom weapon onto the one you already have equipped, this is counteracted. Link then won't lose any of his hearts, and can swing the Gloom weapon at anyone who crosses his path without worry.

Water-Warrior Zora Weapons

Zora weapons might not seem that strong to start with, but their unique Water-warrior ability is one of the best in Tears of the Kingdom.

Link wielding a high power Zora weapon with the Water Warrior ability in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
This Lizal Reaper had its power doubled to 64! | Image credit: Nintendo

While Link is wet their attack power is doubled. You read that right, fully doubled. That means you can stack huge numbers - easily 50+ - with very little effort. Simply fuse a high-damage monster part onto the end, a relatively plentiful Black Bokoblin Horn will do nicely, and you’re laughing.

Anywhere there’s even a lick of water you should be reaching for a Zora weapon, which you can find all over Zora’s Domain and during their main story mission.

Powerful Boomerangs

Lizal boomerangs are an incredible hybrid between melee and ranged weapons that are even more useful than you might first realise. Not to mention a great showcase of Tears of the Kingdom’s physics.

They have decent base stats and durability, and you can swing them around just like any other standard weapon. However, if you hold down “R” you can throw them in a wide arc to hit enemies for full damage at a distance without expending arrows.

You need a relatively large space for the arc to fully complete, but this is a fun way to change up your playstyle with a great new weapon.

Dragon-Infused Weapons

The three dragons that fly in-and-out of chasms around Hyrule aren’t just for decoration. If you spot one from the air and can land on their back, give their spines a whack and collect the shards and scales you find.

The shards in particular are plentiful and powerful elemental materials which add the power of ice, fire and electricity to your weapon alongside a hefty power boost.

Link wielding a dragon-infused weapon in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Everyone loves a weapon that freezes enemies! | Image credit: Nintendo

Given their utility, these shards are not all that difficult to get. The reward is massively worth the investment either way.

Farosh is the thunder dragon and is often seen around Lake Hylia in the south. Dinraal is the fire dragon and can be found around Death Mountain in the northeast. Naydra is the ice dragon and is usually seen in the Lanayru Wetlands near Kakariko Village.

The Fierce Deity Sword

First things first, if you want the Fierce Deity Sword from Majora's Mask, you'll need to collect all three pieces of the Fierce Deity armor set.

Once you have the set, you'll be able to access the secret area where the sword hides. As for what the sword is capable of, it is a two-handed weapon with a base attack of 38, which makes it rather powerful as is. That said, it's still best fused to a strong material to improve its durability so that you can make the most of it, such as Gleeok Horns, and Dragon Spikes.

After that, however, you'll need to buy any new Fierce Deity Swords from a Bargainer Statue down in The Depths.

The Majora's Mask Sword

As well as tons of brand-new items, Tears of the Kingdom also contains a whole host of easter eggs from past Zelda games. The easiest way to get these is as Amiibo rewards, but many are available in-game through conventional means too!

One such easter egg is the legendary sword wielded by the Fiece Deity in Majora's Mask, called - as you might expect - the Fierce Deity Sword. It boasts an eye-watering 38 attack power, making it easily one of the strongest base weapons you can find in Tears of the Kingdom.

To get your hands on it, you need to complete the Misko's Cave of Chests quest near Foothills Stable in Eldin.

Biggoron's Sword from Ocarina of Time (and others)

Gorons are renowned smiths and a powerful weapon that's appeared in multiple Zelda games is Biggoron's Sword.

Even though this is another of the strongest base weapons in Tears of the Kingdom, many players will probably find it by accident. This is because it's found inside the chasm at Skull Lake in Akkala, over in the top right corner of the map.

Glide into the hole on the left-hand side of the skull and you will fall into a boss battle. Complete this combat challenge and Biggoron's Sword is yours.

Link’s Legendary Sword

Of course, the best weapon in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the Master Sword. Which we have a full page on how to obtain.

Since it was destroyed in the game’s opening by the mysterious evil hiding underneath Hyrule Castle, there’s a pretty involved process to getting it fixed. But once it is, it’s everything you could want!

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