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Turns out the Triforce might have, sort of, been hiding in plain sight in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom all along

Scales off a dragon's back.

The whereabouts of the Triforce in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been a sticking point for some, but one player might have found it, sort of.

While the Triforce is obviously the most recognisable symbols from the Zelda series, it isn't always all that important to the main story of certain games. Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom were two such games, both of which did feature the Triforce symbol in certain locations of the respective games, but the thing itself didn't actually make an appearance. It's barely even referred to in the game, in fact there probably aren't many Zelda games where the Triforce feels as unimportant as it does. However, as spotted by GamesRadar, a user on Reddit found something interesting.

TIL the dragons all have a piece of the triforce on their back
byu/TheMathNut intearsofthekingdom

As you can see in the post shared to the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit above, there are a trio of images showing Tears of the Kingdom's three dragons, Dinraal, Naydra, and Farosh. And interestingly, as described by TheMathNut, the user that shared the pictures, "about half way up on each elemental dragon is a piece of the Triforce. I thought it was neat since I always thought the three dragons symbolised the three goddesses." Unsurprisingly, this post has proven to be popular on the game's subreddit, given that this little Easter Egg is a bit of a hard one to spot - I've spent plenty of time farming scales on those dragons' backs, and never noticed it.

Obviously these triangles will more be a reference to the Triforce than the all powerful wish-granter itself, but it's still a cool little touch that most fans won't have noticed. Unfortunately, it's unlikely anything like that will be explored further, as Nintendo has said there are no plans for Tears of the Kingdom to get DLC, so it will forever just remain a fun nod to the series' most notable bit of iconography.

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