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You'll see Battlefield 3 "in the not too distant future," says Soderlund


Battlefield 3 is coming. And its reveal isn't too far out if comments from EA Games Europe VP Patrick Soderlund are a pointer.

"It's going well," he told Eurogamer in an interview when asked about its development.

"I'm very happy with what we have and I'm really excited about showing it to the world because we have something that is going to be very, very cool."

When asked we'd see it, Soderlund added: "You'll see. You'll know probably sooner than I will. You are going to be able to see it in the not too distant future. The marketing guys would kill me if I told you when."

EA told VG247 back in August it was willing to give developer DICE all the space it needs to create the shooter, saying it doesn't want to disturb the Swedish studio with "marketing and PR."

A beta of the shooter, included within copies of Medal of Honor, is due to kick off within the next year for PS3, 360 and PC.

Soderlund talked to Joe Anderson about EA's attempts to revive Need for Speed with Criterion's Hot Pursuit. Get that and his hands-on of the racer here.

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