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Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 lead designer "astonished" at Battlefield 2042 missteps

A well-known former Battlefield designer has shared their feelings about Battlefield 2042's design issues.

It seems like we can't go one day without the disappointment of Battlefield 2042 giving birth to a new take on the debacle, ways for fans to try and get a refund, or general worry about the future of the franchise now that the game won't be getting any new content for several months.

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The latest one of these actually comes from someone who knows a thing or two about game development, and specifically Battlefield. David Goldfarb, who served as a lead designer and writer on Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3, sounded off about the game’s current state, echoing many of the community’s complaints.

Having not seen Battlefield 2042 gameplay, or played it himself, Goldfarb was shocked to watch a video from YouTuber Stodeh recounting the game's issues.

"I have some questions about that product," Goldfarb said. "Really trying to understand why some of these design calls were made. Why are there no smaller infantry maps? Why was 128 player count a thing that didn't seemingly have any accommodation for infantry? why are whole maps shipping without any detail art?"

During EA's recent earnings call, the publisher announced that while Battlefield 2042 sales didn't meet expectations, it won't ultimately have a material effect on the company's bottom line. The Battlefield franchise today only represents about 10% of EA's portfolio, with Apex Legends firmly replacing it as the flagship shooter.

In response to the news, Goldfarb said it was "profoundly depressing." "As [an] ex-DICE, it hurts to watch," he added.

Goldfarb left DICE in 2012 to direct Payday 2 for Overkill. He's now the studio creative director at indie outfit The Outsiders, whose next game is rythm-based shooter Metal: Hellsinger. Goldfarb's involvement in three beloved and critically acclaimed shooters gives him invaluable insight, and certainly puts things in perspective.

Ironically, EA picked maps and content from Battlefield 3, and Bad Company 2 to remaster and include in Battlefield 2042's Portal mode, knowing the two games' place in the hearts of fans.

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