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Xbox One: Quantum Break behind-the-scenes trailer promises "a little bit of crazy"

Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment has published a new dev diary on its Xbox One debut. The game will combine a TV series and shooter into one canon, and has been describe by studio boss Sam Lake as 'a little bit crazy'.

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In the game time is breaking down, and it's up to the players to survive the collapse. Lake promised that the players will have choices that will define their own personal 'director's cut' of the show - meaning the game experience.

The game has digital doubles of the show's actors, with complex facial animation and full body capture tech. Remedy hopes to make these character convincing enough to deliver and back-up its lofty story-telling goals.

What do you make of the clip above? Let us know below, and watch the game's E3 2013 reveal trailer here.

Thanks GamesHQMedia.

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