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Xbox One: producer underlines appetite for interactive TV experiences

Xbox One will deliver a range of interactive TV projects and features, and Rob Stevens of studio Soho Productions has stressed the desire among game developers and the television market to create increasingly interactive shows in the gaming space.

Speaking with OXM, Stevens said his company will create Xbox Live "Experiences where watching and participating are inseparable that will delight and enrich the lives of families everywhere".

He added, "I think interactive TV will continue to be pushed forward by both the television and game industries. From conversations I've had, there is a strong will from the world of broadcast TV to explore new ways of reaching audiences.

"Likewise, game developers are realising there is a big appetite for more immersive interactive content, which we have decades of invaluable experience in making with games - creating this type of content for TV gives us the ability to reach a hugely diverse array of new audiences."

Speaking directly about Microsoft's position to deliver interactive TV experiences, Stevens added, "I think interactive TV for consoles will develop through devices such as Kinect, Xbox SmartGlass and connectivity with other platforms, allowing audiences to interact with shows in brand new ways and allowing show creators to make amazing new experiences. This for me is a really exciting prospect."

Meanwhile, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is rumoured to be meeting with Hollywood execs to discuss Xbox One content.

Remedy's Quantum Break will exist as a game and a TV show, where one side informs the other. Check out what the studio had to say about the ambitious project here.

What's your take on Xbox One's TV potential? Is it interesting, or should it be left out of the console? Let us know below.

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