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After a turbulent year, all eyes are on Xbox and its big teases at The Game Awards

Starfield might not quite have stuck the landing as intended, but it looks like Microsoft has some stuff up its sleeves.

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Xbox is cheekily teasing that it has some “important announcements” planned for this year’s Game Awards show, which seems like a good plan following what’s been a bit of a bumpy 2023 for the publisher.

Despite having finally gotten its deal to acquire Activision Blizzard over the line, Xbox is arguably in need of some good news - at least from a perception standpoint - on the release front, after putting a lot of its recent eggs in the Starfield basket. Thankfully, while Bethesda is busy trying to convince unhappy Steam reviewers that space isn’t boring, Microsoft’s decided to cheekily begin building up hype for what it’ll do on December 7.

In some promotional materials it’s been sending out ahead of the potentially world premiere-free showcase, Xbox suggested that there’ll be some “important announcements and other Xbox news that you don’t want to miss” at the show.

It also acknowledged the, you know, awards part of Geoff Keighley’s winter video games extravaganza brought to you by several different large brands/companies, encouraging people to tune in to “celebrate the best games of the year and the big winners”.

As to what it could be referring to in its little teases, that remains to be seen. Some eagle-eyed fans have spotted that Sarah Bond, who ascended to the role of Xbox president not too long ago, has recently tweeted an image of the classic Xbox 360 logo with no additional context.

Many have taken this to be a potential hint that the company could be planning to do something with some old school Activision Blizzard games from the 360 era as part of its mysterious plans. Whether these would be made available via backwards compatibility or remasters, it certainly looks like there’d be an appetite for them among players.

It also doesn’t seem too far-fetched an idea, given that we already know that Xbox is definitely going to be adding some of its newly acquired buddy’s games to Game Pass in 2024. That said, don’t go getting your hopes up too far until Phil Spencer walks out onto that Game Awards stage and actually confirms what the company’s big news entails.

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