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Fancy living in the Astral Lounge? This Starfield mod lets you set up player homes almost anywhere

I’m sure there aren’t any downsides to setting up your bedroom in the middle of a nightclub dancefloor.

A player home in Starfield.
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Sure, everyone loves setting up a cosy little outpost on a distant planet, but what you really want in Starfield is to be able to set up your home in a random public place that makes no practical sense. Thanks to a new mod, the good news is that you can now do just that!

That’s right, if you’ve been dreaming of setting up a living room right next to one of the Astral Lounge’s bizarre dancers so you can take in the techno at your leisure, it looks to be your lucky day. The same applies to those who’ve ever fancied having a bedroom down a mine or their own kitchen on a starstation.

SKK50’s ‘Player homes anywhere’ is the mod in question and aims to do exactly what it says on the tin - allow you to build things using the game’s outpost system anywhere you want. It does this via a new aid item inventively dubbed “player home anywhere deployment”, which you’ll need to activate via your inventory and place in order to start building in your chosen spot.

That said, as you might expect, there is a list of things that will stop you from deploying due to your chosen location not being suitable from a technical perspective. For example, trying to build inside the interior of a spaceship is a no-no, due to the fact SKK50 says that’d make it “totally possible to nuke your game back to last Tuesday”.

You’ll also have to forgo trying to create two homes that are too close together and building in procedurally generated areas that’d jettison all of your stuff into the void when the game decides to change them.

“You are also warned, but can choose to continue, if the location is tagged with LocTypeSettlement or OutpostPreventPlacement,” the modder adds, explaining: “These [tags] are assigned to the 13 significant settlement locations with heaps of NPCs, where building stuff is likely to affect [the game’s] performance.”

Now you’ve read all the fine print, you’ll probably be glad to learn that there aren’t any complex hoops to jump through in order to get your hands on the aforementioned aid item you’ll need to get started. According to SKK50, a version of it that’s designed to respawn on an infinite loop should be automatically added to your character’s inventory, though you will have to craft a replacement via an industrial workbench if you start a new game plus playthrough.

If you’re craving some mods that might actually help to improve your Starfield experience, make sure to check out this one that’ll allow you to become a mega-rich outpost tycoon and this one that’ll ensure you avoid being jumpscared every time you initiate conversation.

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