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Starfield’s latest must-have mod eliminates NPC dialogue snap-zooms, limiting the jumpscares

Sometimes all you need to up your immersion is a bit more personal space.

A conversation with Sarah Morgan in Starfield.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda

Unless you’re really embracing the introvert trait, odds are you’ve chatted to more NPCs than you can count during your adventures in Starfield to this point. Well, thanks to a new mod, you’ve now got the option to continue being friendly without having to get so up-close and personal.

We might all love Oblivion, but sometimes Bethesda’s latest RPG arguably takes its homages to The Elder Scrolls four just a little bit too far, especially when it comes to showing you pudgy visages at point blank range. After all, not everyone can look as beautiful as the Adoring Fan, whose face I could stare at for hours on end.

Well, thanks to Antonix35’s ‘Disable Dialogue Camera’, it’s now easier than ever to keep whatever distance you prefer during conversations. The mod allows you to take in these chats from the same third and first person perspectives you can adopt outside of dialogue, meaning that things won’t suddenly shift in immersion-shattering fashion every time you say hello to someone new.

As you can see in this showcase video, you can also enable mid-conversation movement via the mod’s ini file, which is useful if standing still for more than two minutes seems out of character for your uber-fit space soldier, or if you just want to jump around like you’re raving in the Astral Lounge.

You’ll need to grab the Starfield Script Extender in order to get Antonix35’s mod working as intended, and once it is you can even add Seb263’s uber-popular ‘Enhanced Dialogue Interface’ into the mix for some custom dialogue UI. Regardless of whether you take that final step, hopefully your experience as a garrulous galaxy-wanderer will be improved by not having to look up someone’s nostrils quite so regularly.

If you’re looking for new ways to spend your time in the Settled Systems now that you no longer have to fear being jumpscared by an innocent chat, you might want to check out this mod that’ll let you become an uber-rich outpost tycoon.

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